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Escape Monthly August: Hawaii Box review

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Wow, Hawaii again? I hadn’t paid attention to when they announced the next month’s theme or I might have thought about the wisdom of a third Hawaii-themed box. Still, it turned out ok and there isn’t much overlap in products, which is great.

Escape Monthly is just under $40 per box (with code for 20% off your subscription – see end of post) and comes with a variety of food, home, skincare items themed around a city/region. Each box comes with a guide for that area. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. They offer a referral commission program.

escape monthly august hawaii box products showing escape monthly august hawaii box info sheet escape monthly august hawaii box info sheet opened with details of products included(click to enlarge and read full messaging)

I must say, I’m pleased with the selection here and really found some new favorites!

Here’s what came in the box:

Moon Handbooks guide to Maui – Darn, this is the same one I got in the second Hawaii box. I wish it was a third kind so I could keep amassing my collection! Now I don’t know what to do with this. Maybe donate it to a library?

Island Art Store map of old Hawaii vintage-style postcard – Adorable postcard that I’m going to keep as art! I love the look and feel and it’s a great little map of Hawaii. It’s just too nice to actually use!

Pure-Aid sport sunscreen – While sunscreen is important, I wish they’d included either a local brand or a tropical scented one at least. The sport version just seems generic, though it will be useful for the outdoor activities you’d want to do in Hawaii.

Kahala Pineapple slices – These are amazing snacks that I already want more of. I love how the pineapple is soft and slightly chewy. Most dried pineapple gets too hard and chewy for my liking. The sweetness was just right to offer a snack that’s also a treat. I see they’re in Whole Foods all around Hawaii, but what about elsewhere?! I’ll keep searching every Whole Foods I go to.

glass coasters – Totally random items that weren’t even listed but this pair of coasters is one of my favorite items. Ever since being a homeowner, I’ve enjoyed mundane household things. Like cute glass coasters. The design of seashells fits the Hawaiian theme nicely and these coasters add an elegant look to our coffee table.

surfboard keychain – This surfboard is nice and smooth with a glossy finish. I love the look of it but I wish I’d gotten any color other than pink! Oh well, it still looks good and I might swap out the Australian surfboard keychain on my keys for this one now.

Island Soap Candle Works plumeria blossom body wash – The body wash smells great, with a nice light flowery scent. I’ve never had anything plumeria scented before! I’m surprised this is the bonus item and would have expected the surfboard or coasters, but hey we seem to always get the bonus item anyway so that’s great.

Ola coconut body lotion – I’ve got this same scent from this brand in the body butter, which is of course thicker than this lotion. The coconut scent is quite subtle once you rub it on and the consistency is somewhat runny.

Ola passion fruit body mist – Whoa, what an immensely fruity smell! Great in the spring to liven things up, or to remind you of blossoming flowers. I like that this spray can be used around the room, on linens, or of course, on the body. It’s sure to add a little boost to the experience.

MacaMania Anahola tropical granola  – I’ll never love granola bars, but this one looks pretty good. I’m saving it for a trip when we do something like hiking or a long drive. It’s great to have a burst of energy for those types of things.

I’m happy with the different products being showcased this time around, but I do wish they wouldn’t rely on Hawaii so much. The third year in a row isn’t necessary when there are so many places in the world yet to explore. Which products from this Hawaii Escape Monthly box would you want too? If you want to sign up, be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get a code for 20% off the lifetime of your subscription.

Next up is Greece! Now that’s a great place we haven’t escaped to yet and I can’t wait to see what comes. I’ve been there before and really enjoyed it, so I hope some things remind me of my trip.

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

Escape Monthly May: Rocky Mountain Box review

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For the first time, there was no brochure/info card insert – instead it was sent digitally! I’ve embedded it below and also included a link to where you can view the PDF in detail if you’d like. I’m a fan of less paper waste and if this box is an indicator of the quality of future boxes sans paper insert, I’m totally happy.

Escape Monthly is just under $40 per box (with code for 20% off your subscription – see end of post) and comes with a variety of food, home, skincare items themed around a city/region. Each box comes with a guide for that area. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. They offer a referral commission program.

escape monthly may rocky mountain box products showing escape monthly may rocky mountain box product info cards front escape monthly may rocky mountain box product info cards back and inside (click to enlarge and read full messaging)


(view the file to read in detail)

When I first opened the box, I was totally impressed! Not only did it smell fantastic, but it had so many items that it truly felt like a treat. I’m all about more medium-sized (and value) items rather than a larger one that may have monetary value, but isn’t something I like as much. Or maybe I just really like what this theme meant in terms of curation! I could have done with digital versions of the info cards in addition to the already-digital brochure they always have.

Here’s what came in the box:

Moon Handbooks guide to Montana & Wyoming – Well, this doesn’t quite match up to the listed handbook, but it looks like it covers more than that one would have so I don’t mind. I’ve been to Yellowstone before, but haven’t really explored the rest of the national parks or either state. I think it’d be fun to do a road trip in that area to admire all the nature. I love scenery and animals!

Rocky Mountain National Park commemorative keychain – This is a nice, quality keychain that is very well-crafted. It’s so nice that I’m going to have to store it rather than actually use it on my keychain. I don’t want to wear it down!

NAAWK EcoPack sunscreen – I love this packaging, which is so perfect for traveling through national parks and wilderness. Just clip it to your belt buckle or backpack and you can reapply sunscreen throughout the day. What a cool pack!

the Spirit Goat Goat’s Milk lotion in Bear Lake Raspberries – This is a rather unusual scent for me (in a good way). I’m not sure I’ve had a raspberry lotion before and I love it! There’s a mild sweetness that is really nice and not in your face. It’s such a fresh sort of feeling. My skin feels wonderfully soft after applying.

Rocky Mountain Root Beer – I heard something moving in the box as I was carrying it and it turned out to be this bottle. I opened it pretty much as soon as I took the picture and it was a nice treat to enjoy. I love the glass bottle and that it wasn’t super sweet. Sometimes sodas are just too much, so this is a nice alternative.

Kate’s Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Stash Bar – While I don’t really like bars or peanut butter, this one looks quite good. I will definitely make good use of it next time I need a boost, whether from travel or exercise.

Salus Bath Bomb in Mountain Mint – How perfect that I got shower bombs from Yuzen and now I have a bath bomb to try too! This strong mint scent is sure to be a nice cooling experience. I hope it helps soothe aches too.

Dirty Diana Preserves – I’m hesitant to try this due to the cherries. I typically only like fresh cherry flavor. I’m also not quite sure how to use this… as a spread? To cook with? We’ll see.

Sierra Nevada Soap Company Rosemary Lavender soap – Ah yes, this was emanating relaxation as soon as I opened the box. I love the scent and will add this to my soap queue near the front. It’s fun that there are chunks in there – I like a soap with some added texture.

Wild West Howdy chocolate bar – This bar has dark chocolate and almonds. It’s a very hard chocolate that is a perfectly balanced so it’s not bitter, but not crazy sweet either. The almond bits are smaller and don’t steal the show.

I’m thinking I need to move near the Rockies at some point in my life. I love eco-friendly stuff and the clean, fresh feeling these products give me. Which products from the Rocky Mountain Escape Monthly box would you want too? If you want to sign up, try one of these codes (not sure which ones are still active): YOURESCAPE or ROCKY for 20% off the lifetime of your subscription or GIFTESCAPE for 25% off.

Coming up is Vancouver for some Canadian goodness. I’m excited for that and I wonder if any packaging will change since I just noticed their new logo.

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

Petit Vour April 2015 review

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Am I the only one who noticed the change back to the lighter pink box this month? And funny how most of the items matched too.

Petit Vour is $15 per box (or as much as $30 for international subscribers) and comes with vegan beauty, skincare, and other personal care products. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. They offer a referral program that earns you points towards free boxes (email to say I referred you if you sign up!).

contents of petit vour april 2015 box with the konjac sponge co puff, box naturals luxe towelettes, suntegrity tinted face sunscreen, lauren b nail polish, and info card with spring forward theme petit vour april 2015 box info card with item details

The Konjac Sponge Co pink clay konjac puff sponge – How funny that I finally got around to using the konjac sponge I’d gotten in a Julep box quite awhile ago and then I get two more! The other was in the Escape Monthly box this month. It’s cool this one has pink clay – that’s a first. I’m used to plain or black konjac sponges (typically with charcoal for absorbing oil). I’ll break out this one next once my current one needs replacing.

Box Naturals Luxe towelettes in Rosewater & Lavender – These feel like a fancy little treat I can keep in my bag/purse/car. I’m obsessed with wipes and I can’t wait to make good use of these. I’ll probably want to get more, but dang they’re expensive!

Suntegrity 5-in-1 Natural Moisturizing Tinted Face sunscreen in Medium – This brand must be promoting itself because it also showed up in the summer Yuzen box I just got! I’m glad I got medium, which should match my skin tone well. I like that this is a bit of a sunscreen and BB cream in one. Less work for more gain, you see.

lauren b beauty nail polish in #ImSoLA – It’s as if they made this shade just for Petit Vour. It’s a bright, bold color for the warmer months that I will definitely be trying out on both fingers and toes. It just seems like the type of shade I should have on my toes with flip flops. (And back in LA I’d be wearing flip flops pretty much every day.) This is more of a luxury nail polish brand that costs a pretty penny.

This box felt pretty high-end overall and I liked all the skincare stuff. I’ll be using every single product! What items do you want from this box?

[This post mentions a referral program. Signing up and emailing to say I referred you helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this box and wanted to share what I got!]

Ipsy May 2014: Fresh Picks review

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Ok, Ipsy is back in my good graces with this one. I love the cute little bag and the products are some of the better fits for me. I’d use all but one! I didn’t peek at all this month, so everything was a complete surprise and I am quite pleased. Yay for feeling excited about a bag again!

Ipsy is $10 per glam bag and comes with 5 or so beauty/skincare products. Bags are sent monthly with no option to skip. There’s usually a waitlist to get the subscription. They offer a referral program that earns you points towards free products.

ipsy may 2014 bag items with card including derma e microdermabrasion scrub, hang ten classic sport spf 50, eva nyc therapy session hair mask, olive lips refreshing rosemary lip balm, and pacifica mineral eyeshadow duo in moonbeam and unicorn

derma e microdermabrasion scrub – Ooo! I had no idea this would be back in circulation and I’m so glad it is because I love it. I didn’t get this the last time it was offered and I actually wanted it so bad I got it in a trade, but I’m perfectly happy receiving it and having another one to use. I love the citrus scent, the little scrubby beads, and the creamy texture. I have been made a big fan of derma e and I look forward to trying some of their other products when I finally use up my current skincare items.

Hang Ten Classic Sport SPF 50 – The packaging on this is cute and retro. I’m liking the neon look, which totally reminds me of LA and summer. It’s the more liquidy type of sunscreen and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen when I first put it on, but as I rub it in I get a little more of that scent that reminds me of childhood summers. After rubbing it in, it’s a little sticky and gives my skin a little sheen to it. This is perfect to bring in my bag or leave in the car so I can apply it whenever.

eva nyc therapy session hair mask – I like the light scent of this and I’m definitely appreciating the size of the tube! It’s really refreshing to receive an item that isn’t your usual beauty product, since I’m really up to my neck in lotions, cleansers, soaps, creams, etc. A hair mask on the other hand, is just what I need to add to my collection! This is a very rich, creamy formula that is like a thicker conditioner. I can’t wait to try it out!

Olive Lips Refreshing Rosemary Moisturizing Lip Balm – Oh wow, olive and rosemary? How wonderfully different from other lip balms. I’m not super into the scent, but it’s not bad either. This is super moisturizing to keep those lips from drying out. I find the little tube to be great; it’s adorable and a better fit for the size of my lips. I like keeping a tube in just about every place I might be for awhile, so I could always use another one to place in one of my many spots.

Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Moonbeam & Unicorn – I’m tempted to try this out because they’re just beautiful. You can’t tell from the picture, but the left half (moonbeam, I presume) is this deep purple and the right half (unicorn, then?) is a gorgeous white with gold flecks! Totally fun and just the kind of shades I like. But alas, I just don’t use eyeshadow, so should I just trade it instead? I might have to sit on this awhile. I mean, everyone loves Pacifica so I’m sure I can trade it off, but maybe I should just give it a go myself.

I think in general the theme this month really offered itself to types of products I like more. I’d love to see this trend continue, with fresh products that aren’t the typical boring makeup stuff. If you want to trade for any of my items, check out my eDivv shop.

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this bag and wanted to share what I got!]

Yuzen Fall 2013 edition (August-October) review

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Yay it’s Yuzen fall time! I’m glad that the weather is still acting like it’s summer since I haven’t gotten enough of the warm days just yet. But hey if fall has to come then what better way than with a lovely Yuzen box? 🙂 I got this before my UK trip but didn’t have time to review it until now. As you can see, the lighting on my pictures got worse and worse as I lost sunlight. Ah, the new challenges of working away from home. So are you ready?! Here are the wonderful products from the August-October box (unboxing video coming).

Yuzen is now $33 per quarter (it was $26 before but now they started including more products with the seasonal frequency) and each comes with around 7 or 8 eco-friendly beauty, skincare, food/snacks, and home products. Boxes are sent quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, and Nov) with no option to skip, but you can get one-time gift boxes too. Sometimes there’s a waitlist to get the subscription. They do not offer a referral program.

*Disclosure: As a super fan, I was invited to be the Yuzen Ambassador to help them spread the word about their brand. Starting with the October box, I began to receive them for free. I was not compensated otherwise and all opinions are my own, irregardless of my relation to Yuzen. I just happen to think they’re awesome (as does everyone else I’ve heard from). :)

This is the first time they’re using the new packaging, so I wanted to show you that first.

new yuzen box exterior box in rectangular shape with blue flowers on brown cardboard

The new box keeps the same coloring as the previous, but with larger flowers and a narrower shape.

new yuzen interior box fits perfectly into exterior box

Now there is an interior box, which fits just right into that exterior box.

new yuzen interior box in rectangular shape with white flowers on aqua background

The interior box is a nice cardboard perfect for reusing!

yuzen box fall 2013 warm red theme with red tissue paper and red and pink yuzen paper

The inside remains similarly packaged. No more ribbon tying the box together.

yuzen box fall 2013 contents in organza bag

The dimensions of the box now match the organza bag size quite well!

yuzen box fall 2013 with info cards and business cards on bottom

Each brand’s promotional material can be found underneath the products.

collage of unboxed fall 2013 yuzen boxes

Two of the variations for the fall box.

Click on the pictures for the full sizes so you can enjoy all the details of each product!  You can even zoom in to read all the messaging.

collage of verve organics soul sister lavender nut sugar scrub tubVerve Organicssoul sister scrub: I love me a scrub! This is the first one I’ve gotten that is dry like this, so that was a change. They have large grains of sugar so you can rub and rub and rub. I wasn’t sure what to do with it – put some in my hand and get it wet or get the area I want to rub wet and start scrubbing. It was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed the nutty sweet scent. I do wish it was a little more held together by something liquid since it was hard to keep the grains from just falling away unused.

collage of coola organic face mineral sunscreen unscented spf 20 sample tubeCOOLA Suncareface spf 20 unscented: I’ve used their cucumber facial sunscreen from one of the earlier Yuzen boxes and I have a similar sample of the rose scented sunscreen from Ipsy, so it’s nice to have the unscented as well. I’m keeping this sealed until I’ve worked through more of my current sunscreens (which I’m not very good at doing since I always forget to apply them). If it’s anything like the cucumber one, then I will like it because it absorbs really well for a light layer that doesn’t grease up my skin.

collage of ajara skincare ayurvedic beauty tridoshic bath tea bag sachetAjara Ayurvedic BeautyTridoshic Bath Tea: This smells really healing! It’s such a pretty combination of flowers and plants that it’s a shame all of that is hidden in a muslin bag. I love that everything is organic and it’s all plants that I recognize. I just took a tea bath recently so I’m not quite ready to use this one, but if I ever have a long day where I need some healing, this will be my first choice.

collage of torie & howard organic hard candy in blood orange & honey tinTorie & Howardblood orange & honey hard candy: Yes! How could you go wrong with blood orange and honey in a candy? Make it organic and it’s even better. I appreciate the individually-wrapped pieces since I was afraid I’d find one giant clump of hard candy (you know what I’m talking about). I love the packaging and the tin can is very well made. It’s not hard to open yet the lid doesn’t fall off. Great design right there. The candies have a cute little TH imprint on them and you can throw a few pieces anywhere you want them handy, or just take the whole tin along. 🙂

collage of juice beauty organic green apple peel for sensitive skin tubJuice Beauty – Green Apple Peel Sensitive: I have the Blemish Clearing version of the peel so I did a side by side comparison on my face. One half was covered with my original one and one half was covered with this one. At first the Sensitive one tingled more than the Blemish Clearing one, but then it soothed while the BC one continued to feel warm and tingle a bit. The formula for this one is milkier/creamier, which might be part of the soothing action. It smelled creamier to me too.

collage of acure cell stimulating body wash bottle with moroccan argan stem cell, argan oil, and sea buckthornAcureargan cell stimulating body wash: I really need to try a different scent from Acure! In the January Yuzen box we got the shampoo and conditioner in almond scent, which I found just didn’t suit my fragrance preference. This body wash also smells like that so I’m going to have to pass on it and have Panda try it for me. I do like the concept of argan stem cells, though I have no clue what that means. I’m also just a little obsessed with sea buckthorn after the Sibu product in the December Yuzen box, so I wish I liked this scent.

collage of sanitas vita-rich serum bottlesanitasVita-Rich Serum: Part of their Moisturize line of products, this is a super rich serum. A single squirt was way too much for my face so it really packs a punch. I think two drops would have been more than enough for my entire face, so you can imagine that this would last a long time! Since I accidentally over-applied I had to rub it in for quite awhile. It still left my face a bit shiny since I couldn’t absorb all that, so definitely be careful when dispensing it. This is probably best used at night for your bedtime routine.

collage of sphatika with elixir of quartz crystal rose cleansing foam bottle face washSphatikaRose Cleansing Foam: Ok, this already wins because it’s a foaming dispenser. I get such a kick out of these and I really enjoy washing my face with pre-foamed cleansers. Elixir of quartz crystal sounds super fancy but of course is something I know nothing about. Nonetheless, I liked this product and found it to be very soothing. It’s supposed to be gentle enough for babies so that makes sense! Apparently the Bulgarian Rose Oil they use is rare (and hey I’ve never heard of it, so it must not be that common).

collage of sphatika with elixir of quartz crystal vitamin a night creme bottleSphatikaVitamin A Night Creme: If you didn’t get the foaming wash then you would have gotten this Sphatika product instead. It’s a rich night creme with a nice light scent I can’t quite place. I enjoyed the slightly flowery slightly herbal smell of it and found it to be very relaxing. It’s anti-aging too, which is a nice bonus. I’m so glad I got to try both Sphatika products! Being a Yuzen Ambassador rocks. 😀

What a lovely healing box we got this time around, perfect for the transition to fall. These products offer more protection for your skin as the seasons change and your skin adjusts to colder weather (unless of course you live in a tropical or desert region!). I really get a sense of warmth from this set of products that’s totally fitting for the change to autumn. I also love the new box design! The inner box is now going to house my nail polish collection and I’m sure I will find many uses as I accrue them.

Did you get this Yuzen box? Which version did you receive? What was your favorite product?


Yuzen August 2012 edition

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Wondering about the second Yuzen box?  Never fear!  I’m here to show you what came in it and give you the low-down on each item.  This time around, the color scheme was yellow and there were six fantastic brands included.

Yuzen is $26 per month and comes with around 5 or 6 eco-friendly beauty, skincare, food/snacks, and home products. Boxes are sent monthly with no option to skip. Sometimes there’s a waitlist to get the subscription. They do not offer a referral program.

collage of products included in the august 2012 yuzen box

collage of unwrapping of august 2012 yuzen box

Click on the pictures for the full sizes so you can enjoy all the details of each product!  You can even zoom in to read all the messaging.

collage of mrs. meyer's lemon verbena all purpose soap bar included in the august 2012 yuzen boxMrs. Meyer’s Clean Day – Lemon Verbena All Purpose Soap Bar:  As I was opening the box, I got a hint of this soap bar’s clean scent wafting up.  It’s a huge full-size bar that will last me a LONG time!  The wrapping was a nice smooth texture and it wasn’t glued too strongly together, so opening the packaging was actually a pleasant experience.  I’d heard great things about Mrs. Meyer’s products, so I was pretty happy to get a chance to try it out.  The soap suds nicely and gently cleans your entire body.

collage of cowgirl desert recovery cleanser included in the august 2012 yuzen boxCowgirl Skincare – Desert Recovery Cleanser:  This is a fun new brand I hadn’t encountered before!  The smell of the face wash is soothing and slightly sweet – maybe rose?  It’s perfect for washing away whatever managed to accumulate on your face and doesn’t strip your skin of moisture.  It’s meant for dry, aging, or sensitive skin but it’s useful for any type of skin.  The container reminds me of elixirs from a Western (or maybe it’s just because their name is Cowgirl :-P).  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, anyone?

collage of organic india teas included in the august 2012 yuzen box - tulsi original, tulsi lemon ginger, tulsi sweet rose, and tulsi sleep flavorsOrganic India – Tulsi Original, Lemon Ginger, Sweet Rose, & Sleep teas:  I enjoyed each one of these Tulsi teas!  I’ve never heard of Tulsi before, so I was definitely intrigued by this “holy basil of India” that is incorporated in Ayurvedic practices.  It’s apparently popular as an herbal remedy and has both general health and medicinal values.

collage of organic india tulsi teas included in the august 2012 yuzen box brewing
It didn’t taste much different to me than normal teas, so it’d be easy to substitute them in while still enjoying the taste of tea, yet getting the added (healing) benefits of tulsi.  With a name meaning “the incomparable one” how could you not give it a whirl too?

collage of coola cucumber mineral sunscreen for face included in the august 2012 yuzen boxCoola Suncare – Cucumber Mineral Sunscreen for Face:  Haha!  Funny that just like the first Yuzen box, I happen to already use one of the products included.  This is that particular product from this box and I’m more than happy for another!  In fact, I happen to have one at Panda’s and one at my parents’ now so I can protect my face wherever “home” is.  The cucumber scent is so relaxing and the sunscreen absorbs into the skin well, with no greasy layer to worry about.  It’s perfect for your face and hands.  Don’t forget to apply it to your neck too, if it’ll be exposed!

collage of olomomo nut co chai bliss almonds included in the august 2012 yuzen boxOlomomo Nut Co – Chai Bliss Almonds:  Oh yum!  Talk about wonderfully fragrant and oh so delicious.  These almonds are covered in a sweet layer of vanilla and cardamom flavoring that is just delightful.  I don’t normally like to eat nuts, but if they all came like this, I could definitely incorporate them into my routine!  Plus, who doesn’t want a product made with love?  (See ingredient list, hehe.)

collage of tilvee healing balm included in the august 2012 yuzen boxTilveeCalendula & Comfrey Healing Balm:  WOW.  Not only do I love the usefulness of this product, it smells wonderful too!  I can hardly get enough of it.  It’s basically what you’d put on for anything adverse that happens to your skin, whether it be cuts and scrapes, rashes or sunburn, even plain old dry patches!  Not long after getting it, I actually got a scratch and I applied it until my skin healed.  Worked great, though it’s not meant for eliminating scars.  Still, my skin would have scarred horribly had it not been for this healing balm.  I’m obsessed and I use it on just about all skin conditions that ail me.  Oh, and I absolutely love that it comes in stick form for easy application and ultimate portability!

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