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365great Day 104: mobile devices

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365great challenge day 104: mobile devicesWhere would we be without smartphones, tablets, and laptops? It has made my travel experience so different from my childhood’s. I was on my phone almost the entire time we were on the tarmac waiting to take off today, posting pictures on Facebook, blogging, and otherwise staying connected with the world. I think we sat there for 3 hours, but it didn’t feel too long since I was getting my social media on. Oh, and I had Pandora too! Chilling out to music was nice. Before mobile devices existed I would have napped and written in my journal. Maybe read a book if I brought one. Now I can go about my life almost as if I weren’t stick in a on plane. That’s great!

In the mail: a trade, a Kickstarter backing, a bonus gift, and more!

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You know, I love mail (mostly when it’s packages, but free samples are good too) and I think there are a lot of people who love getting mail too, right? And I don’t know if you’d care to see what I’ve been receiving, but that seems like a fun way to share some of the random things that don’t make it into blog posts. I’ll skip some things I’ve already mentioned so it’s not too repetitive. Everything here arrived within the past month or so!

trade items including juice beauty lip gloss, juice beauty hydrating mist, zoya nail polish, la fresh oil-free face cleanser sample wipe, benefit the porefessional sample, and urban decay moondust eyeshadow sample with sephora baggieI got some items in my May Ipsy bag that I mentioned I wanted to trade and I was able to complete my very first successful trade recently! I sent the Pacifica perfume roller that I had not intended on trading, but since the girl wanted it and she had other things I wanted, I happily parted ways with it. The other item I sent her was the Mirabella lipstick that I knew I would get out of my hands one way or another! Lipstick is just not my thing. In exchange, I got the Juice Beauty lip gloss in Fig, Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist, and Zoya nail polish in Neely (mint greenish). She even added a few bonus samples! There was a La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser wipe, a small sample of Benefit’s “the POREfessional” balm, and an Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow sample. Oh, and a cute little plastic Sephora baggie. 🙂 I’ve already got trade #2 underway with another girl! If you’re interested, maybe we can trade too.

kate funk the world's most super amazing 100% awesome cat calendar and cards from kickstarter backingI don’t quite remember how I stumbled across this Kickstarter for The World’s Most Super-Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar, but I’m sure glad I did. As a major cat fan, I couldn’t help myself. The scenes and costumes created for the photo shoots are really amazing and I had to support Kate Funk as an artist and businesswoman and AC as a hard-working, ever-patient model. I mean, my cat would never sit so nicely! I chose to get the calendar and 5-card combo. I let my cousin choose a design she liked, which happened to be one I had chosen for myself so that’s why one of the designs is hidden here – it’s just a repeat. I love how much care everything was created, packaged, and sent in. This is quality stuff that I will really enjoy using!

welch's purple nalgene bottleWelch’s is offering these cute 12-oz Nalgene water bottles for free if you bought three of their Refrigerated Juice Cocktails (59 oz size in any flavor). You have to buy them between March 18-July 31 of this year and send in your receipts for the purchases to redeem. Then you just print and fill out this form and mail it in by August 30. A few weeks later, you’ll get a bottle like mine! Totally adorable, very high quality, and a great size for kids or those who want a smaller bottle to keep around. If you’re interested, hurry up before the offer ends! You’ve got less than two months now, which should be ample time to drink three cartons of juice, don’t you think?

brand new google nexus 7 in box with exterior boxWhen I decided to bundle our home internet and phone into one while adding on TV service for a total package from AT&T Uverse, they were offering a bonus product. I got to choose between a Nexus 7, an Xbox, and some other electronic product. As you can see, I opted for the Nexus 7. I figure it’d be perfect since my mom’s the only one who doesn’t have a tablet. It’ll be good for her to learn and have something portable to use on the go! I think it would be cool to use both it and my iPad, but that’s completely unnecessary. Besides, Panda has a Nexus 7 so whenever I move in with him I can just use his as I please. 😉

Have you gotten anything cool in the mail recently? Do share!

365great Day 1: Fleksy

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365great challenge day 1: fleksy

A great future for thumb-typing!

It all started with Fleksy, a service that lets you type on a touchscreen without looking. I was so inspired by this great idea that I wanted a forum where I could share finds like this, hence 365great. Fleksy is one of those things you hear about and think, “What a great idea!” I mean, you’d think that smartphone and tablet designers would have tried to tackle the typing issue better than they have. Yet, here we are in a day and age where built-in signatures for emails sent via mobile apologize ahead of time for any and all typos (of which there are usually many).

Check out their site to learn more about how the technology works, then take a moment to marvel at how cool it is. It can figure out that why I typed “yiutdrkg” what I really meant was “yourself” – brilliant! For me, trying out the app was a pure joy that literally made me giggle and wish I could keep typing on my phone forever. What a complete turnaround from my normal dread of typing on my phone. Now we just need to hope it gets integrated into the OS’s of our devices. Not only does Fleksy serve a very practical purpose, it has addressed an emotional and psychological aspect to the keyless typing experience. Now that is truly great.

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