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Scenic sights

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Been away for awhile on a cruise to Alaska! Check out some of the sights so far. There’s all sorts of awesomeness, with more pics to come. 🙂

carnival legend leaving seattle port with space needle in background

Cruise ship view of Seattle.

sunshine reflected on deep black ocean water

Glittering black waters.

glacial ice floating in tracy arm fjord with glacier in background

Ice chunks floating in the fjord!! And that’s a glacier back there.

forest area on trails of skagway with spider in foreground

A little bit of land exploration too. Tried to get the spider in the foreground.

Peaceful plane landing

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I’m pooped! After leaving work around 6 to go catch the HOA Board Meeting and then spending two hours there hashing out concerns, I grabbed some fast food and arrived home to start working at something I needed to prepare for tomorrow. I finally finished up and I’m so exhausted, so I shall leave you with this lovely scene I get to see on my drive home sometimes.

plane landing over trees from Mary Qin on Vimeo.


365great Day 344: tree climbing

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365great day 344: tree climbingI’m very much in touch with the monkey in me. I love climbing trees, swinging around, and even hanging upside down. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed trying to get up in trees. Nothing too crazy, but if it had a branch that wasn’t more than a foot or two above my arms’ reach, I could at least hang off it. But of course the best thing is when you can get up there and sit around for a bit. There was a tree in my front yard in St. Louis that was just big enough to hold me and I loved to arrange myself on its branches with my books on a beautiful afternoon. When I couldn’t make it into a tree, sitting on monkey bars was a decent alternative. When I found this tree in Anaheim, I absolutely had to play around on it. A good tree is so sturdy, so supportive, and offers a fabulous view. What a great way to enjoy nature.

365great Day 262: hummingbirds

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365great challenge day 262: hummingbirdsHummingbirds are a fascinating type of bird. They’re so different that they’re almost like over-sized insects rather than a tiny bird. They’re delicate and cute, very much like butterflies. They even drink from flowers and flit around like butterflies. Their tiny little bodies are adorable and they rather feel like toys. Even though they tend to move around quickly, when they perch on something, there’s a certain peace about them. They’ll even stare at me sometimes, completely unphased. Because of their ability to hover, it’s easy to watch them for ages without ever moving your head. And well, I’m great at staring at things like that. I could sit and watch a (humming)bird feeder all day long. Hummingbirds are so cool! I wish I could have them as pets – wouldn’t that be great?

Climbing trees

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Panda and I got to attend the Hale Koa luau while we were in Waikiki, and as the night got underway, we were entertained by this guy climbing a coconut tree.

First he climbed up:

climbing up coconut tree from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Then he talked about jumping from tree to tree and asked us if we wanted to see:

coconut tree jump from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

And finally he came down while trying not to flash anyone:

climbing down coconut tree from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

This reminds me of a song I learned in 5th grade for select choir…
Mama says no play, this is a work day
Up with the bright sun, get all the work done
If you will help me, climb up the tall tree
Shake the papaya down

Shake them down, shake them down
Climb the tall tree shake them down
Shake them down, shake them down
Shake the papaya down

I love papaya, yes I do
Juicy papaya, yes I do
If you will help me I’ll help you
Shake the papaya down

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