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How to: set keyboard shortcuts

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Save time by setting your own personalized keyboard shortcuts on your iDevice! If you type a lot on your Apple device, there are probably certain words and phrases that you input all the time. In my case, I kept meaning to set up a shortcut for my email address so I don’t have to fill it out each time. This also helps prevents any typing errors I might have.

To set your own, go to Settings>General and scroll down to Keyboard. At the bottom are shortcuts and some might have been created for you already (like “omw” becoming “On my way”). Tap “Add New Shortcut…” to create custom ones.
The first line, Phrase, is what you want to be filled in when you use the shortcut.
The second line, Shortcut, is what you want to type to trigger the replacement.

screenshot of area in iphone settings to create keyboard shortcut

In my example, you can see that I’ve set “mq” to automatically expand into my full email address: Saves me so much effort! If you want the replacement to happen, just add punctuation or a space after you type the shortcut and the phrase will automatically appear. If you don’t want the replacement, keep typing letters to form a different word or press the gray “x” next to the replacement phrase as shown.

using keyboard shortcut in action on iphone

Easy! And now you can prevent excessive time being spent typing the same things over and over. 🙂

365great Day 1: Fleksy

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 1: fleksy

A great future for thumb-typing!

It all started with Fleksy, a service that lets you type on a touchscreen without looking. I was so inspired by this great idea that I wanted a forum where I could share finds like this, hence 365great. Fleksy is one of those things you hear about and think, “What a great idea!” I mean, you’d think that smartphone and tablet designers would have tried to tackle the typing issue better than they have. Yet, here we are in a day and age where built-in signatures for emails sent via mobile apologize ahead of time for any and all typos (of which there are usually many).

Check out their site to learn more about how the technology works, then take a moment to marvel at how cool it is. It can figure out that why I typed “yiutdrkg” what I really meant was “yourself” – brilliant! For me, trying out the app was a pure joy that literally made me giggle and wish I could keep typing on my phone forever. What a complete turnaround from my normal dread of typing on my phone. Now we just need to hope it gets integrated into the OS’s of our devices. Not only does Fleksy serve a very practical purpose, it has addressed an emotional and psychological aspect to the keyless typing experience. Now that is truly great.

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