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Lego creations

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Look at all the cool things they can build with Legos!!

lego escalator from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

lego santa sleigh from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

lego hollywood bowl from Mary Qin on Vimeo.


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Tonight I watched the Cirque du Soleil show based on the Beatles and I realized that with no context, I probably shouldn’t have seen it. I know maybe two Beatles songs and absolutely no history surrounding them, except that they were widely popular a long time ago.

So there I was, trying to absorb everything when none of it made any sense. Instead I found myself focusing on the raw talent and technique of the performance, which had its moments but overall seemed like a lot of dancing. When I go to a Cirque performance, I expect shows of strength, flexibility, and precision beyond spinning around on the ground.

Spinning in the air is definitely good! That’s probably why I liked the Lucy song routine, where a girl was flying around and a guy was maneuvering a weighted wheel with a ladder attached. Another great scene was the roller skating on ramps – total show of skill!

So for those who are Beatles fans, I think it’s a great show to watch. For those without that background knowledge, it’d be advisable to either skip the show or really learn about Beatles songs beforehand. It’ll make the experience so much better!

Dancing with fire

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Can you believe this kid is just 12? He’s the local junior champion in Hawaii!

fire dancing part 1 from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

fire dancing part 2 from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

fire dancing part 3 from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Picture perfect timing – in pursuit of that great jump shot

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So recently I went on a vacation to Hawaii and got to go snorkeling.  When we got off the boat into the water, there was the option to jump in, so of course I jumped (haha) at the opportunity.  Unfortunately, in my quest for that perfect jump shot, I only got a bunch of almosts and a couple of utter fails.  I guess not everyone has a knack for awesome timing like me.  😛  If only I could shoot pictures of myself jumping… I guess I could get a tripod, but I was really hoping that Panda could get the shot for me. Oh well, here’s what we ultimately got:

big splash in ocean where i jumped in

First attempt at the jump shot – got one big splash in the ocean instead.

floating in ocean with vest and waterproof camera

This is my “so did you get it?” look. And the answer is no. 🙁

in a pose ready to jump into ocean

I climbed back up after snorkeling for about an hour and we tried again.

floating under boat as seen through netting, giving two peace/victory signs

After that fail, I came back up under the boat for another try.

waving while floating in ocean after jumping in

Once again, it was “oops I missed it but I got you in the water.”

standing on boat leaning past rail ready to jump into ocean

This time he got me prepping to jump.

standing on boat knees bent about to jump into ocean

Well, this is when I was starting the jump… the closest we’d gotten so far!

outstretched jumping into ocean

Finally, some semblance of me jumping!! While I wish my feet were off the boat, this was good enough. We’d tried half a dozen times already!

Blustery day

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It was rather windy out on our second excursion with Hawaii Nautical, but it did mean we got to actually turn off the engine and sail!

windy day at sea from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Strange trio

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We were wandering around the Hilton Waikiki Village and came across this little habitat! I’ve never seen penguins, turtles, and fish all living together. Pretty cool!

penguins, a koi fish, and a turtle all in one habitat at hilton waikiki village in hawaii

Breath of fresh air

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Out off the coast of Oahu, we got to enjoy a ride on the ocean before hopping in for some snorkeling! At this location, there were a bunch of sea turtles hanging out and just as we arrived, we saw this guy coming up for air. I was basically within arms reach of another one when it came up for air later on – soooo cool!

surfacing sea turtle from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

Surf’s up (finally)

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Today I got around to learning how to surf after talking about it for the last 10 years. Wow, how did that happen?! Time sure does go by fast. Luckily, there are still plenty of years left for me to continue to try surfing. As for this first try, I joined two other girls for a group lesson in the morning. Panda stayed in shore to watch and take pictures for me.

It was extremely busy at Waikiki Beach, but Erik our instructor showed us the “sidewalk” that you paddle up, which is sort of a safe zone to the right of most of the surfing action. If you head up that channel, it’s pretty safe. Once you get far enough in (there were visual cues for us to line up to make sure we were positioned correctly), you’d wait in the “parking lot,” staying aware of your surroundings so you don’t run into anyone who may be coming in on a swell. When the coast was clear, we’d paddle towards Erik and he’d send us off on a wave.

We had practiced how to get up on the board back in the shop, ensuring we could keep a strong stance and maintain our balance. While the sensation of this force pushing you from underneath and behind was strange, it was relatively easy to get up and not flail around.

My first wave was a short ride and as I tried to get back on my hands and knees for greater stability, I fell over into the water. The second attempt wasn’t much better – my timing was a bit off. But by the third try, I was able to catch a wave almost all the way back to shore! On my way back I had one mishap where I wasn’t straight enough heading into a wave so I got turned around right next to a guy surfing. Thankfully, he was an instructor, so he was incredibly skilled at keeping us from colliding. Other than that, I was pretty proud of how well I was able to avoid any accidents, even getting out of the way of a fast-moving outrigger canoe (if you never had one charging at you before, it can be intimidating).

For some reason, my breastbone feels bruised from the experience. At first I thought that it was due to my bathing suit, but I just had a soft string there, no knots or pieces of plastic to dig into the flesh. Long after I got out, it was still hurting too. I thought I’d be more sore since I was feeling it getting out of the water, but I feel good so far. My triceps hadn’t gotten that kind of workout in awhile! I’d expected paddling to be easier than it was since I’m a good swimmer, but boy did I feel weak and inefficient.

Ultimately I’m so glad I finally took a surfing lesson and I can’t wait to try in the California coast sometime. Hopefully next time, Panda will be confident enough to join me.

Aloha Oahu & Hawaii!

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view of hawaiian island molokai from plane

First official view of a Hawaiian island (for this trip anyway).

first view of city on hawaiian island molokai from plane

First view of Hawaiian civilization!

first view of hawaiian island oahu from plane

And here we are, approaching Oahu.

view of pearl harbor from descending plane

During the landing, we fly by Pearl Harbor.

view of hickam air force base on oahu from plane

And also get a glimpse of some jets on Hickam AFB.

large aloha sign welcoming passengers in honolulu international airport hnl

A big ALOHA from the airport! Off we go to our vacation adventure.

Trip through China

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Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to while I was gone! Click to enlarge and view more details.

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