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A year in

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It’s the 1-year anniversary of our engagement, just so happening to fall on Father’s Day this year! We’ve made plans for the marriage, but not yet the wedding and it’s one big confusing set of circumstances. I’m putting off wedding planning as long as possible, but I probably should start since it’s going to be only a year away soon enough (less than two months from now). A year is a decent amount of time to plan, right? It’s not like we’re going all out crazy; I’d rather have a nice time celebrating and enjoy a more elaborate honeymoon. Actually, it looks like our “honeymoon” will be coming in three (or more) parts. A 7-day thing here, a 10-day thing there… and hey, why not make every vacation going forth part of our never-ending honeymoon?

Was it just a year ago that Panda was getting his Master’s and we got engaged? Hard to believe, with all that’s happened since! I relocated from California to Virginia, decided to rejoin the workforce as an employee rather than an entrepreneur of sorts, got a condo, adopted a cat, and pretty much experienced change in most parts of my life. I feel like we’ve grown up so much in this span of time and I look forward to all the adventures we’ll have together over the years. The next great adventure will be getting our marriage license and legally getting married, which seems so strange to do a year before the wedding ceremony. We’ve grown up associating the two, but they don’t have to be hand in hand. So, as I always seem to do in my life, I fall neither here nor there – the exception to the norm, the couple who’s married but not yet, sort of? How are we going to explain this to people?

Nevermind that, though. We’ll do things our way and enjoy it all along the way! I just learned that my dad is going to be around for the civil ceremony this year, which is super exciting since he’s usually only in the country a few weeks each year. It looks like our entire immediate families will be able to attend – both sets of parents, plus Panda’s brother (maybe even my cousin??). That’s all we need! I don’t want all the fanfare and formality and I hope they don’t expect it. Let’s just do the legal stuff and have a good meal together.

Marriage, Chinese style

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A few weeks ago I wrote about my cousin’s wedding in China and now here are some pictures from the day.

mercedes benz decorated with flowers to newlyweds

The newlyweds' chariot has arrived in style!

red paper held down by red bricks cover sewage caps

All sewage caps along the bride and groom's path had to be covered with red paper held down by red bricks, to keep bad luck/spirits away.

love spelled out in flowers

On the back of the car was a tribute to their love, spelled out with flowers.

groom carries bride out of her house into waiting car as confetti rains down

The groom carried his bride through the threshold of her building into the awaiting car as a shower of confetti rained all over them.

wedding confetti all over the car

The wedding confetti got all over the place, making the car, the street, and people's hair shine in rainbow colors.

wedding bun or wedding bao made completely of bread molded into dragon, phoenix, fish, and flowers

Apparently it's traditional to get one of these giant buns in Shandong. The bread is molded into all kinds of cool designs, like the dragon and phoenix on top and the flowers and fish all around them. And yes, it's edible!

huge screen in ballroom of hotel with custom wedding theme logo displayed

They had their own theme created around their names!

gigantic chandelier in ballroom of hotel

The chandelier in the place was gargantuan and so much brighter than this picture shows.

groom waits for bride to join him

The groom waited for his bride to enter the ballroom and then they walked down the aisle to the stage together.

the bride and groom share a kiss as they are elevated by a platform

Before walking down the aisle, the bride and groom share a kiss as the platform raised up and spun them around.

huge meatballs topped with "double happiness" symbol

Following the ceremony, we ate lunch, which included these "double happiness" meatballs to celebrate the joy.

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