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This weekend Panda and I spent some time browsing Target stores and I got quite the steal with two jackets for $5 and $4 each!  The original prices are something like $20-25, so I’m very pleased.  One is a plain black zip-up hoodie with these amazing embellished straps – you know the ones that you tighten the hood with – which are a silky satin kind of look.  The tips are even a nice metal piece rather than the cheap plastic ones you’d find normally.  The quality of the cloth is great and it feels really good, plus it is very warm!  The other is a fleece half-zip in my favorite color: purple!  It’s a little large for me, but I don’t mind having some outerwear be a bit loose on me.  And really, for less than $4, how could I pass it up?

I also bought myself a yoga mat so I won’t be the only one without one in class (and coincidentally, they went on sale this week).  After much back and forth between the 3mm and 5mm ones, I decided to splurge just a bit and go for the thicker one I’d been eying.  I mean, it was on sale and Panda had earned a $10 gift card he put towards it, so really it was costing me less than half the original price.  It also happened to be in purple, so that was perfect.  I did need to get it pretty soon so I wouldn’t have to borrow the instructor’s mat all the time.  It was really fortunate that I waited those extra couple of days and caught it on sale.  🙂

Then, today we found a jacket with a fuzzy inside lining, which I’ve been looking for for awhile.  I think it’s a men’s, but with jackets like that I don’t think you can really tell and it doesn’t matter too much.  I like that the outside is a fleece material – that seems to be my newest obsession.  Panda had gotten one of these a few weeks ago and I’d scoured the women’s section looking for one for myself, but they just don’t seem to have them anymore.  The one today happened to be small enough to fit just right, plus it was a clearance item, so I decided to get it and check that item off my list.

Now I feel very well-equipped for cool nights and the chilly days at the office, when I’m sitting at my desk all day freezing.  There was one more jacket I saw today that I really wanted – a white polar fleece zip-up, but it wasn’t so cheap that I just had to get it.  However, I do want to keep checking on the price of it over the next couple of days/weeks so I can grab it when it gets to a low enough price.  Panda has started to teach me and share with me the way that he shops: lots of browsing and finding awesome deals before buying!  It feels really rewarding when you get something for a unbelievably low price, so for things I can wait on, I definitely want to wait for them to go on sale or into clearance.

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