The perfect storm

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Exhaustion. That state in which you start breaking down.

Not just the body. The mind. The soul.

I didn’t think I was all that drained. It overcame me before I even realized it. Didn’t help that I was freezing and starving too. Could there be a more uncomfortable combination?

Oh, and suddenly I found myself overworked. So for no reason, I felt like crying. Must have been the droopy eyes I got from all the stress.

It’s strange, I don’t feel overtly stressed, just… worn. Yet, not physically tired the way I’ve been before, from lack of sleep or too much strenuous activity. Perhaps it is my essence itself that is tired.

I was lightheaded, woozy, easily bordering into delirious territory. Funny how it happened so quickly. It’s only the second day back from my vacation! I don’t seem to fare well when I don’t have enough snacks and the office is chilly.

In times like these, a warm bed full of blankets has never felt more welcoming.

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