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When some people found out that Panda and I will have Skype on as we go about our normal business, they didn’t understand it.  They asked me what the point is and they found it to be weird.  Obviously they don’t take the same comfort that I do in just having him around (in whatever form required).  I don’t believe that conversations should have to be staged for a certain period of time just because you are on a phone or meeting with each other.  That works for those you don’t get to see much.  But for someone you’re dating, it’s just not enough.  Plus, it’s much more natural to have spurts of conversation based on what is happening in real time, rather than condensing everything you want to share into a few minutes a day.

So what better than to sit on Skype, being able to check in on each other and see what the other is doing?  I mean, it’s as close to being in the same room as you can possibly get when you’re (thousands of) miles away.  And really, the best sort of interaction is in person, so I don’t see why more people wouldn’t want to sit around video chatting their loved ones.  I guess part of it is my inability to relate to their need to keep things from their significant other.  It’s a common theme among the talk I hear about relationships.  Why do people have so many secrets to keep?  While I understand you don’t always want to share everything, I certainly never feel the need to hide things and Panda actually errs on the side of sharing too much.

I love being able to look up from what I’m doing and see how he is when I am unable to actually be with him.  I like the freedom of being able to come and go and not have to continuously call him back or disrupt his routine.  Apparently other people just like to have their lives to themselves, but me?  I like to have Panda around as much as possible.  That’s why I keep my Skype on.

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