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I often really wish that I had one thing I am extremely good at.  I admire the people who are leaders in their field, whether it’s scientific research, musical ability, sports prowess, or business sense.  If only I had such talent and discipline to join their ranks.  Instead, I’m the type of person who dabbles in a lot of areas and has a good breadth of knowledge and skill.  But my depth?  Lacking.  It’s the curse of the jack of all trades: master of none.  And though I look up to the people who are recognized as the cream of the crop, I’m not sure that I actually want to be like that, though if I was, it’d be nice.

I love swimming, but not that much!

I love swimming, but not that much!

I typically get bored with doing the same thing for prolonged periods, so I don’t know if I could stand to dedicate so much of my life to a singular goal.  Instead, I like broadly knowing more things and being well-rounded.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  I guess it comes from my nomadic lifestyle and social butterfly tendencies.  All this makes me great as a search engine, but not so much as a dictionary or encyclopedia.  There are certain pros and cons, of course, as with anything.  After all, people like me can be useful for linking things, finding things, and uniting things.  So it can be useful to get a basic idea from me, then be referred to someone with more expertise.  Still, I don’t want to be a complete generalist and I’d like to have one or two items that I can be a specialist in. The problem is… what?

I guess that’s why it’s hard for me to identify a passion.  I really like a lot of things, but I don’t really LOVE anything more than my other interests.  Therefore, it’s hard for me to decide on a passion to pursue when I have so many that I’m excited about and none that I want to give up everything else to focus on.  If only it was as simple and straightforward as knowing my one great passion and doggedly pursuing it day after day.  At least then I’d have a direction, a purpose.  As of yet, I’m still looking.  So, I truly respect the people out there who know what they want to spend their lives doing.  For me, it’s less obvious and that in itself will be a learning journey.

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