Toilet trouble

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This weekend I discovered the toilet having issues, so we embarked on a home improvement journey. I’ve never taken apart a toilet quite so much before, so it was definitely a learning experience.

tube of water from toilet running after flush

It all started when I heard trickling in the toilet. The tube wouldn’t stop sending water down the overflow.

metal toilet supply cable connecting water supply to toilet tank

We turned off the water and drained the tank to unscrew the contraption.

blue toilet float in toilet tank

Turns out the float wasn’t triggering the stop of the flow of water to the tube.

blue toilet float piece removed from tank

After removing the entire piece with the float, we examined it to see if we could fix it.

toilet float with cap removed

The white bar inside the cap is what triggers the flow of water to start and (eventually) stop. It wasn’t returning to the fully “off” position though.

new toilet float part to replace broken one

Once we found we couldn’t get to the broken part to fix it, we brought out the new one from the store.

inside of toilet tank with newly replaced toilet float

With the float replaced, all was good again!

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