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Laser tag holiday party

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Yesterday our company had our holiday party celebration at a laser tag place! I think it was my first time, but then I have this faint memory of darkness, glowing lights, and being downright awful at the game. I don’t know if that was just a dream from my childhood or an actual memory. Either way, I was very new to this experience and had a lot to learn. We booked the whole place for over 4 hours and it was quite the night of fun and exercise!

shadowland laser adventures laser tag in chantilly

Arriving at the holiday party after the Secret Santa at the office.

laser tag gear hanging on the wall

We signed waivers, gathered in the break room, then moved on to the briefing room before putting on our packs.

I’d show you those pictures, but some of my coworkers might not want to appear on my blog. 😛 Just imagine a break room painted with some sort of alien landscape with observation domes. There are a bunch of long tables and chairs there for people to sit (in our case, eat and drink). Across the way are doors leading to the briefing room, which is mostly kept darkened. There are other things painted on to these walls and it sort of looks like the background in the next picture. Three sides of the room have wooden benches lining them, one row in front, one row in back much like bleachers. Along the forth wall are the rules, a sample gem (glowing thing on the wall that can give you power-ups but also tag you), and a blown up example of what the display screen on the gun look like.

They walk you through the basics and then let us choose how we wanted to play each time. The first time it was two teams against each other. The second time we went crazy with four. The third time we toned it down to three and the forth time we had team captains split us into two teams (I’m pretty sure I was the worst player on my team then, but we still won!). And finally they went a fifth time with free for all. I really wanted zombies and didn’t want to get demolished in the free for all, so I sat out and got to stand by the entrance to watch everyone else battle it out. The same 6 or 7 people kept running around and around the area closest to me. Seems like many people had zones they preferred, so some sort of pattern.

girl wearing laser tag pack for laser tag game

Got my pack 14 on and ready to rumble!

laser tag gun display panel showing stats

The display on our laser guns let us know all sorts of stats that thoroughly confused me. Half the time I couldn’t tell if someone got hit or hit me.

laser tag arena with everything painted black and glowing lights everywhere

In we went! It wasn’t until later that I realized there was a gem right at the beginning.

sign reserving and welcoming company party to laser tag venue

A few rounds in, I suddenly noticed the sign for our party!

scoareboard listing ranking and stats for players after laser tag round

After each game, we’d convene outside to check out how everyone did.

laser tag score card summarizing stats of game for each player

They even handed out score cards! I was pretty consistently one of the last (usually third to last).

The donkey farm

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It was one of Panda’s coworker’s send-offs today, so we got a chance to go out to the farm of another coworker. Panda refers to it as the donkey farm, probably because the donkey is their unofficial mascot. Everyone had heard about momma donkey (Morning Glory) having baby donkey (Melvin), so Melvin became their mascot of sorts. They hadn’t actually met him yet, and I ended up being the first one to interact with him on the farm! I never knew that these mini donkeys made good companions for horses; that was the whole reason they are kept on the farm, in fact.

face of white miniature donkey at farm

Hey there Ms. Morning Glory.

brown horse sticking head out towards person

Romeo really loved attention.

brown horse sticking head out towards person trying to lick her

Apparently Romeo saw all people as delicious.

brown horse and white and brown miniature donkey eating hay together

Delilah and Melvin shared a nice meal in each other’s company.

miniature donkey nuzzling person's foot

Melvin seemed to enjoy nuzzling my foot. #majorbonding

selfie with miniature donkey poking head through fence

Selfie with Melvin the miniature donkey (and mascot)!

tractor scoop being used as icebox for cold drinks

Put some ice in it, throw the drinks in, and have a party. #farmlife

Gogobot Tron Party!

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Another great event hosted by Gogobot – I mean, a Tron-themed beer pong and pool tournament?! Lol how do they come up with these things? It’s amazing. I’m sooo glad I got involved with this community.

Before I talk about the event, let me digress briefly. That night I realized something – that I can be super wacky/weird/fun when it comes to social events like this, but then all that personality gets lost when I write. So from now on I’m going to try to make an effort to be a little less boring and a little more crazy (in a good way). Oh, now that I think of it, I actually realized one more thing: people often get the wrong [early] impression of me. For example, one of my really good friends from college thought I was a sorority girl when he first met me. He was SO wrong. At this Gogobot party, one guy told me he thought my family’s rich (we just manage our money well) and another guy guessed that I shop at Hollister (never been actually).

Now on to the event:

Lyft was sponsoring rides to the event and I would have loved to have been able to try out their service, but I live over 40 miles away. Perhaps another time! I’d never been to Busby’s East before and I was glad that I could find parking easily. I found the party in the room with the pool tables and proceeded to put together my awesome glow-in-the-dark baseball cap. I just happened to get some glow sticks similar to puddle jumper toys as well, which I added as a propeller to my hat. Throw on some glasses and my nerd look was complete. Maybe I didn’t look all that Tron, but I sure did have fun!

wearing glow stick glasses and propeller hat at gogobot tron themed party

reflection in shiny tron helmet at gogobot tron themed party

Took a selfie with my friend in the reflection of a Tron costume helmet!

three super happy friends at gogobot tron themed party

I love how we all have our mouths open. 🙂

chatting at gogobot tron themed party

Of course I’m the one making a weird face. Photo credit: Steven Lam

playing pool at gogobot tron themed party

The pool tourney part of the night. Photo credit: Steven Lam

beer pong table at gogobot tron themed party

The beer pong side of things. Photo credit: Steven Lam

gogobot tron themed party costume contest prize figurine

The costumer contest winner got this fun toy. Photo credit: Steven Lam

happy gogobot tron party dj

Dancing to the awesome DJ, I love how he’s so happy too!!

paper lanterns hanging from ceiling in dance room at busby's east

I randomly looked up while dancing and saw lanterns!

jumping dancing selfie shot at gogobot tron themed party

I think this pic is awesome even if our faces are cut off. Look at the joyous smiles! We’re obviously having a blast.

hodded bowing guy dancing at gogobot tron themed party

I loved his dancing! So entertaining. He refused to stay still and show his face so I got what I could.

ladies dancing on stage at gogobot tron themed party busby's

Some of our Gogobot ladies got on stage to dance!

girls dancing on stage at Gogobot tron party from Mary Qin on Vimeo.

365great Day 85: glow sticks

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Learn more about 365great here.

365great challenge day 85: glow sticksI’m at a crazy Gogobot event tonight, which is Tron-themed, so of course I broke out the glow sticks! I found this amazing set that you make into a ball cap! How cute! I mean, who doesn’t have fun with glow-in-the-dark stuff? And when you can make cool designs out of them it’s even better. Events like this or even showing up at a club with some glow sticks is a great way to have some fun. Try it next time! It’s really great!

Party for Charity

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Tonight my friend had a birthday party fundraiser for BRAKES at 333 Live, a club in downtown LA. I’m not normally a party-goer, but I wanted to support the cause so I went. A lot of attendees were in my social circles so that was cool.

party for charity event at 333 live dance floor starting to fill up

Just getting the party started.

party for charity event at 333 live dance floor packed

Things start heating up!

party for charity event at 333 live date auction

Auctioning singles for dates!

Party bus

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Our company recently had a social outing (to a new place that just opened up – Vodvil) and we got to ride over on this party bus, complete with crazy lights!

Midsummer celebration

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Our office hosted a dinner party for two dozen people tonight and it was a spectacular time!  It started with a fun invitation specially made for the occasion, with a fanciful menu to entice our guests. In the mid afternoon, Lorry and Starfish left to buy food to prepare and when they came back everyone started hustling to help make the dishes and entertain the guests.  The invited ranged from SMU students who had done a case study on our company culture to associates and potential associates of the training branch.  It was a good chance for us to properly meet some of the people Zen had been mentioning (and for them to all meet each other too).  The whole affair felt a bit like a big extended family gathering, complete with feast, courtesy C&S.

Pictures will show this better than words can describe, so let me include tasty visuals of the menu items offered:

Crunchy snacks and wine to start.

Crunchy snacks and wine to start.

Seasonal salad with summer dressings.

Seasonal salad with summer dressings.


Baked potatoes with sour cream, bacon bits, and chives.

Bruschetta with rubbed garlic and fresh tomatoes.

Bruschetta with rubbed garlic and fresh tomatoes.

Prosciutto with cantaloupe.

Prosciutto with cantaloupe.

Smoked Norwegian salmon with caper and cream cheese.

Smoked Norwegian salmon with caper and cream cheese.

Choice cold cut of ham and cheddar cheese cube.

Choice cold cut of ham and cheddar cheese cube.

Spit roast whole chicken.

Spit roast whole chicken.

Honey-glazed ribs of pork.

Honey-glazed ribs of pork.

I don't remember what this was.

I don't remember what this was.

C&S cheese cubes!

C&S cheese cubes!

Belgian waffles, strawberries, marshmallows, and cookie sticks with dark chocolate bath.

Belgian waffles, strawberries, marshmallows, and cookie sticks with dark chocolate bath.

We had a lovely time between the food and the company and I started to lose my voice from the great conversations and laughter I took part in.  After the event was over, we all pitched in to clean up and ended the night happily collapsed in our seats unwinding before heading home.  Initially, we were going to share the pictures I took on Photobucket, but then decided it was more sensible to set up a Facebook page, which I happily set out to do.  After some detours I inadvertantly chanced upon, we finally got it up and running!  Now everyone can become our fan!

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