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Fabletics Skinny Headbands + No Show Socks review

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When I made my most recent purchase, I decided to use some of my points to redeem some accessories. Points are earned based on the money you spend. I’m really glad I did the add-ons because I’m loving them!

Fabletics is just under $50 per outfit credit and comes with a 2- or 3-piece set of athletic wear. Each month, three outfits are selected for you to choose from at the 1 outfit credit price point. You can always get other outfits at their VIP pricing of $50-80 (2- and 3- pieces available) or buy any individual item separately. Outfits are sent monthly unless you choose to skip (which is very easy to do). They offer a referral program that earns you money towards free outfits.

Get your first outfit for half off with my referral link! All fitted Fabletics items are chafe-resistant and feature four-way stretch for comfort and movement.

collage of fabletics skinny headbands 6-pack in multi print

6 Pack Skinny Headbands in Multi Print

This set of headbands are perfect for keeping hair out of your face. I love the fun colors and skinny band. The interior is lined with plastic so it stays put in your hair and doesn’t slide off. I feel very secure wearing them and I don’t have to worry about them sliding off. At 300 points for a listed retail value of $9.95, these were a nice deal!

collage of fabletics no show socks 3-pack in blue multi

No Show Socks 3-Pack in Blue Multi

The no show name works pretty well with my sneakers. I normally hate socks, but I could barely tell these were on. I love the extra fabric at the heel to help prevent the shoe from rubbing on you. These are nice and soft, the fit is great, and they don’t slide off my feet! Total win in my books. The retail value for this is listed as $14.95 and they were also just 300 points. What a steal!

These two bonuses plus the free deodorant were a lovely addition to the outfit I got. I’m very pleased and will continue to redeem other accessories as I accumulate more points. Want them for yourself? Sign up for Fabletics to get your first outfit for as low as $25.

[This post contains affiliate links. Signing up through them helps support my subscription and I’d be ever so grateful. 🙂 All opinions are my own and I received no compensation for this review. I just purchased this outfit and wanted to share what I got!]


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I hate wearing socks and I generally try to avoid wearing shoes as well. This doesn’t seem to be commonly done though, since I often get comments from people when they see me not wearing socks. Is it such an unusual thing to do?

bare feet crossed at ankles sitting atop blanketFor a long time, it wasn’t anything that came up since for the most part of the past decade I’ve been living in climates that don’t get very cold. With flip flops and flats as the common footwear, it’s normal to not see people wearing socks. But now that I’m back in a place with a true winter (and quite a snowy one at that!), people seem to really notice when I take off my uggs and have no socks on. They also seem to notice that I walk around barefoot indoors, which I guess is not something you do in the winter? I’m surprised people have actually commented on it, which I presume means it’s something odd enough for them to say something rather than notice it and wonder to themselves. Well, all you wonderers, I do indeed leave the socks at home and off my feet unless absolutely needed.

In fact, the only time I do wear socks is with sneakers. What about you?

Animal products

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And no, I don’t mean stuff made from animals!

soap dish with image of cross-stitch owl on it

ceramic candle holder in shape of owl

soap dispenser in shape of cute penguin couple

socks with half of animal face on one foot and half of face on other foot

creamer in shape of cow

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