365great Day 143: zero gravity chairs

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365great challenge day 143: zero gravity chairsHave you ever seen these chairs at Brookstone? Sometimes you might find the massage-equipped one as shown, but they also have a non-massage one as well. The first time I ever tried one was the non-massage one and it was amazing. I couldn’t believe how feather light I felt. It literally did take the weight off me and it was so relaxing that I’ve put this on my wishlist. Today I tried out the massage one and found it to be quite effective for relieving some of my shoulder pain. This time, I did feel some vertigo when I came back upright, so now I know you’ve got to be more careful about getting up after the zero gravity experience. I love both of these versions and would probably get just the plain version since it’s a whole lot cheaper and I quite enjoy massages given by people. I mean, a chair that can make you feel weightless? That’s great in itself, no massage needed.

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