365great Day 144: bread

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365great challenge day 144: breadBread comes in so many shapes and forms: as buns, rolls, baguettes, loaves, and more. You can get sourdough or whole grain or English muffin or rye… I mean, there are almost boundless ways that you can enjoy bread and I love so many types. It’s filling, not too sweet or salty, and goes well with a lot of other dishes. You can have it as a snack, along with appetizers, as a side dish, or as part of the main course. You can have it soft or crispy or soft with a crispy shell. You can add things to make it sweet or salty or let it be bland. How could you not enjoy something with so many options? You can really customize it to your preferences, whether it be according to taste, texture, ingredients, or otherwise. I’m a huge fan of French baguettes and my favorites are the ones they give you a piece of at Panera Bread. Nom!! They taste great.

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