365great Day 149: Brookstone

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365great challenge day 149: brookstoneWhat a fun store to explore. Brookstone has all kinds of awesome solutions to your problems (whether you even realized you had them at all). You can get massagers, technology accessories, gadgets, toys, and so much more. My most recent visit allowed me to enjoy their massaging zero gravity chair for 15 minutes of comfort. I also discovered they’re now selling fun little plants you can keep in your home, which you buy in store and have shipped straight to your door from wherever the plants are stored. I mean, you could really equip your home with some amazing stuff from this store. It’s a fantastic place to browse for gift ideas and other novelty items that can be quite practical too. I always enjoy stopping by and trying out their various knick knacks and I look forward to the day when I can start filling my house with some of those cool products. Brookstone is great not only because of the range of products they carry, but that they allow you to try out all that stuff as you please!

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