365great Day 156: Kia

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365great challenge day 156: kiaI just got my Kia today so of course I had to feature them. I’ve thought about getting a Kia ever since I test drove an Optima at the LA Auto Show three years ago. When it came time to think about getting a car this month, of course the first thing I did was go to a Kia dealer. I test drove the Optima again and still liked it a lot. Plus, with the premium package it has practically everything I wanted in my next vehicle: moonroof (actually a dual one!), heated seats, backup camera, USB port, auxiliary port, Bluetooth, voice activation, power windows & seats, digital compass, etc. AND it has other cool features I didn’t even think of, like a great sound system, keyless entry, start engine button, not just heated but cooling seats, a chilled glove box, a tire kit in lieu of a spare tire, power folding side mirrors, and so much more. I’ll go into more details about that in a future post. Suffice to say that I am very pleased with my luxurious vehicle. I love how it handles and it has a fantastic turning radius. So much about it is just plain great.

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