365great Day 168: scarves

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365great challenge day 168: scarvesI never fully appreciated the usefulness of scarves until more recently. I didn’t really start wearing scarves until I studied abroad in England. There, the brisk air made it almost necessary to step out with something wrapped around my neck. Still, I stopped wearing them once I returned stateside. Now that I’m going to be back in an office that is quite chilly, I think I’ll be breaking out the scarves again. What a perfect way to keep warm without putting on a full blown parka and looking insane in the hot months. Plus, I can wrap it around my shoulders like a shawl if I want to feel like I’m wearing a jacket without actually wearing one. I can even use it as a light blanket on my legs if they get cold! A scarf can be so versatile without really weighing you down. And with all the different materials they’re made of, the sizes and shapes, as well as the colors and patterns, you’re bound to find something you like! Isn’t that great?

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