365great Day 175: wifi

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365great challenge day 175: wifiOf course the best type is free and I really appreciated The Cloud while traipsing around the UK! They provide free wifi services at a variety of coffee shops, train stations, markets and even drug stores. Every block or so in London, you’ll probably come across some place that has a signal. I spent quite some time standing outside these establishments connecting to the internet and it sure did make my life easier not worrying about data usage and being relatively free to hop online as I pleased. Wifi at home, in lounges, on trains, and throughout buildings has empowered us to get online without being tied down to some socket in the wall. It has truly freed us up and I love it. Wires can be annoying and even worse is the fact that it tethers you to something. With wifi, you’re not bound to those restrictions and that is simply great.

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