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365great challenge day 177: travelMost people in the world like to travel to some extent. Some are adventurous and seek wild journeys off the beaten path; others stick to the road well traveled and visit major tourist destinations. Some may like to stay closer to home while others get as far away as possible. Whatever your style or preferences, you’ve probably been a few places and seen a few things. For me, international travel has been rather normal since my family is in China but I grew up in the US. As soon as I got the chance, I went off to Europe and then Southeast Asia to explore dozens of countries. I’ve yet to get to South American or African countries though. All in due time! On the other hand, our UK trip was the first time Panda had ever left the country (which leaves me incredulous since he lived only a 2-3 hour drive from the Mexican border his whole life). For the longest time, his travel had consisted of various places around Southern California and the occasional Vegas outing. More recently he racked up a bunch of other states through opportunities with school and work. I loved to see the wonder and freshness of his perspective when we traveled abroad. I was so used to customs and tourist attractions and cultural differences that I’d grown immune to many of those things. It was so nice to share all of that with him and remember some of how I felt the first time I encountered these things! I think travel is important not only because it’s fun, but because of all that you learn about how different things can be yet what similarities you share nonetheless. It’s a great eye-opening experience that everyone should try.

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