365great Day 196: Yorkshire Soap Co

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365great challenge day 196: yorkshire soap coWhile strolling through the streets of York, I came across the Yorkshire Soap Company shop. It was filled with delicious-looking soaps in the shape of cake slices, cupcakes, and other such desserts. It reminded me of Lush, but more delicate, if that makes sense. They use lighter colors, more girly glittery and flowery looks, and sweeter scents. It felt like walking into a couture-inspired bakery. The moment I smelled their orange cream cupcake, I knew I had to have it (along with a few other things ;)). Their handmade goodies are irresistible and feel so indulgent. I opted for that cupcake and a set of four bath truffles. I must admit I’ve yet to use them since they just look too cool, but at the moment they are making some very fine fragrances. Whenever I walk by, I get a lovely whiff of them and I can’t wait to use them… once I’ve convinced myself it’s time to ruin them and let them melt away.

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