365great Day 197: teppanyaki

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365great challenge day 197: teppanyakiThe first time I ever went to a Japanese steakhouse and got acquainted with this whole teppanyaki idea I was about 13 or 14. I loved the entertainment part of it and the stronger flavors they tend to cook into the food. The best place I’ve ever been offered white fish, which I just loved. I’m pretty much always obsessed with the fried rice at these places, because they pack in so much salty goodness. I love nearly drowning my rice in soy sauce and cooking it. As I mentioned earlier, this year Panda and I celebrated our 5th anniversary with dinner at a teppanyaki place. We were originally going to go to a fondue place because it makes a great date night meal, but we happened to discover we both would prefer a Japanese steakhouse this time around. Between the fun performance and tricks the chefs do and the super flavorful food you get, it’s a great choice for a special occasion.

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