365great Day 210: face masks

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365great day 210: face masksI’ve really gotten into face masks recently. They’re a nice way to get a deep clean and intensify your normal routine. I tend to get ones that are detoxifying and help draw out impurities, with ingredients like kaolin clay, mud, etc. Then I got a couple of paper masks from Ipsy in the last Glam Bag and I loved those! They’re drenched in a serum solution that made my skin so soft and very well-hydrated afterward. I totally took advantage of the deal being offered on the whole line of those face masks and got two each of their 16 types (plus one free as a bonus). While it’s not the most cost-effective to get the individual packs, this will allow me to try out all the formulations and see which ones I like the best. Variety is the spice of life, no? So over the next couple of months I’ll be testing these out and looking silly most nights. It’s totally worth it for the relaxation and skin conditioning I get from them. It’s a great feeling.

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