365great Day 231: Riesen

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365great challenge day 231: riesenIn honor of Halloween, I wanted to celebrate my favorite candy as a child. I love candy and I certainly had plenty as a kid. One of the more expensive ones that I didn’t get quite as much was Riesen. Whenever I did get a bag, it was such a treat! I couldn’t get enough of these rich, indulgent morsels. They were dark enough chocolate to feel exotic and cool but not too dark for my youthful sweet tooth. The chocolate exterior was fun to break through as I chewed into the chocolate caramel center. I liked how super chewy the center was – not your average soft caramel, oh no, this one packed a punch! One of these would be quite a mouthful and satisfied my taste buds far better than most other candies. It’s a great candy that I enjoy.

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