365great Day 275: goofing off

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365great challenge day 275: goofing offYou shouldn’t always take yourself seriously. In fact, I think every day we should be a little goofy, wacky, strange, even. Tonight as Panda and I were getting ready to head out to his company’s holiday party, we took a few moments to be utterly silly even as we got all dressed up. There’s no better fun than that! I had him carry me and then I gave him a piggy back ride. Later in the evening, we got home and took a selfie video of us doing a fake cheers from our silly plastic cocktail glasses. Comic relief can be a useful way to disperse tension and being goofy is a splendid way to have some fun! If you’re not already laughing or even giggling every day, maybe you should try goofing off a bit more. It’s a great way to make more memorable moments and keep a playful spirit alive.

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