365great Day 282: wedge salads

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365great challenge day 282: wedge saladsFor some reason, eating my salad like this gives me infinitely more pleasure than a normal salad. Somehow wedge salads feel more fun, more sophisticated, more unique. It’s amazing how the difference between cutting something up into pieces or leaving it mostly intact can vary so greatly. This particular wedge salad is my absolute favorite, probably because it doesn’t involve blue cheese. Caesar salads are a classic and putting the wedge salad twist makes it pique my interest. I liked that satisfying crunch from cutting off a bit to chew on and it felt far neater than a normal salad. Who knew cutting my food could be so entertaining? And hey, it’s like the lazy solution to a salad. Don’t want to cut up the leaves into bits? Just tear them off whole and drizzle cheese, dressing, and croutons! Easy. It’s a great way to enjoy your food in a refreshing manner.

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