365great Day 290: shooting ranges

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365great challenge day 290: shooting rangesPlaying around with guns in a controlled environment is really fun. I love trying out pistols, revolvers, and rifles. They’re powerful enough that you get a thrill, but not so crazy that they’re intimidating, like a semi-automatic. You can make a contest out of it with your friends, seeing who has the best aim, and you can blow off some steam while you’re at it. It’s pretty rewarding when you actually get some great shots off and nobody needs to get hurt. I don’t think I could ever shoot at a living creature, unless my own livelihood depended on it (but maybe not even then). I much prefer the safety of a shooting range, whether indoors or out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve tried shooting at clay pigeons before (those bright orange discs) and I’m not very good, so I think I’ll stick with immobile targets. I mean, it feels great when I can actually get a bullseye so why set myself up for failure with a flying target?

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