365great Day 303: tank tops

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365great challenge day 303: tank topsI really got into slightly loose, somewhat flowy tank tops over the summer. I used to have more form-fitting ones that work well under a jacket, but now I’ve branched out. My favorite ones have a scoop neck and straps about an inch and a half wide. They can range from tight and form-fitting to loose and flowy and I like them either way! I’ve recently found the form-fitting ones are excellent underneath a sweater. The looser ones are perfect for a balmy summer day, when I don’t want to feel constricted. They’re very casual generally, but you can totally dress them up too. When I was at the Santa Monica Pier, I totally wanted to get this amusing mustache one, among many others, but the price point was higher than I was happy with. I’m still on the lookout for more tanks with a bit of personality! Is it just me or do their designs seem to be more fun? I find the look and feel of tank tops to be great!

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