365great Day 317: Escape Monthly

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365great day 317: escape monthlyI’ve been with Escape Monthly since they started with their first box in August 2013 and it’s been a fun ride so far! Each month, they’ve carefully chosen products that reflect the spirit of a certain region and almost every single product is actually made there (if not all of them). Products include a bit of personal care, a bit of food or snacks, a bit of home goods, a bit of random items, and always a guide book for that area. The vibe of each box has been different based on the theme of the month and it’s been lovely trying products from all over the place. So far it’s mostly been US cities and states, with one international box focused on Italy. I hope they mix in more international destinations as time goes on! I also love their referral program, which has earned me quite a bit of money back. 🙂 Awesome tours of cool destinations AND recurring commission for referrals? That’s great!!

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