365great Day 328: La Fresh

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365great day 328: la freshI never would have found out about La Fresh if it weren’t for subscription boxes. It first came in a blissmobox and then a Yuzen box. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. I love how they use minimal water to create their products. There’s just enough moisture in their wipes to get the job done without drenching you in extra wetness. I’m a huge fan of their Eco-Beauty line and I’ve tried most of that line. The acetone-free wipes are phenomenal at removing nail polish effectively with the tiniest of squares. Their facial cleansing wipes are very soothing and never dry out my face. I dry out easily after wiping my skin, so that’s important. The body soother is perfect after a workout when you just need a little extra refreshing boost. This is a brand I really enjoy and they make some super effective products that feel great!

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