365great Day 349: community

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365great day 349: communityI’m looking forward to getting to know a bunch of my neighbors and being involved in the HOA here. It’s so nice to at least have a sense of who you’re living around and be able to share a smile and a wave sometimes. The community feel is gaining traction and I expect it will be a lot easier when the weather is suitable for more outdoor activities. A strong community can be so important for the environment we live in and I plan on doing my part to make ours friendly, interactive, and fun. While there are some neighbors who aren’t that sociable and won’t engage with the community, it seems that many are open and willing. I hope to take up a few of them on their offers for meals. It’ll be a fantastic way to bond and grow closer as a group. Our area is really coming together and I’m excited to see how it all goes. I’m sure it’ll be great living here.

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