365great Day 362: bargains

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365great day 362: bargainsIt feels great when you can get a product or service for a steal. My mom has always gotten a certain rush from buying items at steep discounts and I’ve learned a little along the way. While I don’t like to negotiate prices, I can certainly do it and generally get a good deal. At markets where bargaining is expected, you can get huge price differentials, but even in some stores where negotiating isn’t the norm, you can get a bargain. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking what promotions and deals they’re offering. Sometimes sales associates do have a little leeway in discounts they can offer, like when you’re vying for home appliances. At the least, most retailers offer price match guarantees, so you can find the best price and combine that with other offers (like 0% financing, bonus gift cards, etc.) to get a better deal. Oh, and don’t forget coupons for more common household items. Or maybe you just love to haggle for a good price at a market or bazaar, like my mom. Whatever the case, it feels great to get a bargain on something!

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