365great Day 4: Squishable

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365great challenge day 4: squishable

Wrap your arms around some cuddly balls of love!

Squishable makes adorable, huggable stuffed animals. These aren’t your typical children’s toys, however – they’ve got an avid adult fan following. The appeal might be the almost perfectly round shapes that the characters take on, or the extremely soft and cuddly materials. I can’t quite pinpoint it, but when I discovered them I knew I had to have one for myself, even though I had never spent anywhere near $38 on a plush animal before. You just can’t help but love these balls of fluff that are practically begging for a hug!

There’s something magical about wrapping your arms around a cute character that’s soft AND fills up your “arm space.” I mean, think about it: how many things actually fill up that large circle that your arms can create? In fact, I can’t think of a single other product that does that. Perhaps that’s their secret! Combine that with high quality products, great service, and a well-managed online presence to get a serious near-cult following. The brilliance of the simplicity of their presence yet effectiveness of their brand is what makes them great to me. And of course, Squishables themselves are great in and of themselves!

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