365great Day 56: Amber Lyn Chocolates

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365great challenge day 56: amber lyn chocolatesOh my gosh. I just discovered these AMAZING chocolates today at Costco. How can a sugar-free dark chocolate taste so good?! There’s no bitter aftertaste, it goes down smooth, and tickles the taste buds with wonderfulness. I can’t speak for the milk chocolate, but both the dark chocolate and dark chocolate with cocoa nibs are delicious. In fact, I immediately bought a box of 15 bars for like $22. Yeah, they’re that good. I swear. You really have to try these if you have a Costco nearby that’s demoing these! The ingredients are simple, the product is gluten free, and it’s all natural too. I’m still baffled at how good they are (and I’m currently devouring my second bar tonight – yikes!). This brand is undoubtedly great.

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