Hanging with MommySplurge & co!

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I waited to write today until I got back from an afternoon with Brandy (of MommySplurge) and her kids. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to meet up with a blogger, so that was pretty cool. She was kind enough to invite me over to hang out with her family and play around with the Homegrown Collective box she got. Yippee! Of course I totally forgot to get a picture with her, but here’s a little review of our day:

girl putting on bright pink fake nails

I brought some things to share and the kids dug right into the fake nails!

prep pad and pink mini nail file for adhesive nails

The adhesive nails came with a prep pad and baby nail file! Cute.

homegrown collective july box coconut theme

Once we got settled, it was time to dig into the Homegrown Collective July box!

jar of hard cocoa butter

The cocoa butter was so firm we had to get a knife and really dig in there.

homegrown collective orange coconut lip balm in tins

As we poured the lip balm, a thin layer dried on the jar. Were we supposed to us that? There was extra so we used a little tin with no lid. Looks so professional!

homegrown collective coconut solid lotion bars

Once again there was extra for the lotion bar so we made an extra sliver with the lid. They’re still cooling!

After all that was made, we spent quite some time chatting and playing with the kids. I got worn down pretty fast, after playing firewoman, hide and seek, and dinosaurs. Brandy even got in a short nap. 😉 I don’t know how she keeps up with the kids! Will there be a nanny in my future? I might need one!

tatcha evening aburatorigami and julep green tea facial blotting papers

Since I’d brought items to share/trade, Brandy offered me these!! I’m sooo excited because they were both items I’d really wanted to try. Thanks lady! 😀

homegrown collective orange coconut scrub, lip balm, and solid lotion bar

I got to take home one of each of the items we made today! AWESOME!! I know you’re jealous of my scrub, lip balm, and solid lotion bar. 😉

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