Physician’s Formula BB Powder review

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Last month I received that free Physician’s Formula BB Powder and I’ve gotten a chance to try it out a couple of times now. I like the powder concept since I don’t have to worry about leaks or my carry-on liquid limit when flying.

collage of physician's formula bb powder in box, out of box, and bottom

It comes in super shiny packaging and the underside has a bunch of ventilation holes. I wasn’t sure what that was for until I opened up the compact!

collage of physician's formula bb powder open showing powder, mirror, and brush

Turns out there’s a secret compartment underneath for the brush and mirror! Maybe this is standard with all powder makeup items, but I never use them so it was a nice surprise for me. Everything is a nice quality and the compact feels sturdy. The mirror is sometimes hard to get to, since you need to release the clasp but not let it fall back down on its own weight. I’ve found that opening it upside down does the trick.

collage of physician's formula bb powder brush with bb powder

I’ve never used a long flat brush like this, so that was interesting to see. I like how I can get a large area of my face in one swipe, but the edges need to be blurred out so there aren’t lines on my face where the powder was more concentrated. I’ll need to track down a round brush to try in comparison, which I think will help achieve a much more even finish. Still, this little brush gets the job done when you’re out or in a pinch.

As for the coverage, it’s a nice matte evening effect. Not full coverage if you’ve got giant blemishes like me, but it does help minimize the look of them. The powder is great for toning down your oily face with light, natural-looking coverage. Some of the BB creams I’ve tried are not meant for oily faces, so pairing that with the BB powder helps create a more covered look with a matte finish. Shine be gone! It also has SPF 30 coverage, which is pretty high for a beauty product! Definitely great in protecting your face from sun damage AND beautifying the overall look of your skin.

This is going to last me a very long time and I’d definitely consider buying it again when I use it up. I like the convenience and less messy application than a wet cream. The built-in mirror comes in handy at times when you don’t have a mirror to use and I’ve yet to see a cream come with a mirror. If you want full coverage though, I’d recommend pairing this with something else like a foundation or a BB cream. I’m so glad I got to try this for free! Thanks Physician’s Formula for your cool giveaways. 🙂

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