Scatterbrained (and reviewless)

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I really need to keep better track of things. Back at the end of August, I was so caught up in our vacation to the UK and then starting my new job that I completely forgot I was supposed to get one more blissmobox. Due to a customer service issue I’d contacted them about previously, they’d agreed to give me one bonus month. My normal subscription ended and they had to handle that last one separately, but the customer service guy was going on vacation too. We agreed to pick it up when I got back (but I totally forgot).

I was reviewing my blissmobox reviews, trying to finish them off (finally) but for the life of me I couldn’t find pictures for the May box (so you’ll just have to watch my YouTube unboxing video if you’re curious). Then I decided to check to make sure all other reviews were accounted for and I found that I was supposed to get Rejuvenate & Repair for August… but I never did! Oops. No wonder I can’t review it.

fabletics asaro leggings in black

Definitely not capris.

Earlier, I had been planning on posting a review for a Fabletics outfit that Panda gifted me, only to find that the bottoms I got weren’t the ones that were supposed to come with the outfit! As I was confirming the name of the item for an accurate review, I wondered why mine were long enough to go past my ankles but the ones in the picture only reached halfway down the calf. I dug up the tag from those pants and noted that they’re Asaro leggings. My outfit was supposed to include the Lima Capri instead. So, I’m holding off on the review until I get this sorted out and hopefully Fabletics will correct their mistake and send the capris like they should have. It’ll be a test of their customer service how they handle this issue – I’ve removed the tag and already worn the leggings, so I can’t return them. Bad service would leave me with what I got while great service would send me the original bottoms I was supposed to receive. Good service would probably give me some sort of credit to offset me getting my next outfit. Out of this world service would give me credit AND send me the capri.

What do you think I can expect?

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