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What a draining week it’s been! I feel like it’s been two weeks and I barely have enough brain power left to operate. In fact, I’m pretty much out of juice to do much more than free-write. No capacity to paint the nails on my other hand. No strength to eat despite being insanely hungry (so much so it makes me nauseous thinking of eating). No memory reserves to keep track of all I meant to do.

I filmed some videos this weekend that I was supposed to upload to a shared account so we can get the Yuzen summer box video up. Even that became too hard. Last night after washing my face I meant to put on lotion, but completely spaced out even as I held the bottle in my hand. Thank goodness Panda isn’t traveling again or I might just be neglecting to feed the cat and clean her litter box.

All I want is to lay here and vegetate. Listen to the rain outside. Zone out as my mind tries to unscramble itself. I found myself having trouble with speech this evening. Words got stuck in my head but didn’t come out right. My ears feel like I’m in some high pressure area. And then on my drive home I realized I had some more work to do. Bleh. But now I am done and contemplating between sleeping earlier and zoning out to a show.

Is this week over yet?

So tired. Tonight we had a launch party for the co-working space and had a good showing despite the awful weather. There were times I looked outside and it was completely white from the heavy rain. Couldn’t see a single building or tree out there. But still the people flocked in and it was nice to take a break from work to meet some new people. Wish I could have actually joined in the festivities, but alas, duty called. I’m going to be so glad when I don’t have to stare at these spreadsheets anymore!!

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