Why I wear dresses

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I’m not a “girly girl” and am generally pretty low-maintenance.  You’ll usually find me lounging around in soft, loose clothing.  I don’t do my hair, makeup, or whatever else most women seem to do ritualistically every morning.  I much prefer to get extra sleep than to spend hours primping myself.  So, I guess it is because of this that my friends find it particularly shocking when I go out in a dress.  I don’t think this is a big deal, but apparently dresses look more dressed up.  The real reason I wear dresses is actually due to convenience/laziness.

You see, getting dressed couldn’t possibly be easier than throwing on a dress.  Once again, I opt for comfortable ones that are usually soft (sometimes silky too) and loose.  I mean, I don’t go around in moo-moos, but I get ones that offer free range of motion.  Whenever I need to throw something on and I can’t figure out if I should wear this shirt or those jeans, it’s easy to turn to a dress!  After all, it’s only one item to worry about as compared to two and there certainly is no concern about whether it “matches” or whatever.  Plus, there is no waistline to constrict you if you eat a little too much.  😉

I’m surprised that dresses are considered fancier than shirts and pants, if only because they offer casual wearing options without the fuss of mixing and matching.  I guess part of it is because they are classified as feminine garments and part of it is because they tend to have fancier designs.  Still, with a simple black cotton dress that has absolutely no frills, I still get comments and questions about how dressed up I am.  When my friends see me in a dress, they can’t help but wonder if there is some sort of special event I am attending.

Well, I’m here to set the record straight.  While I do wear dresses to special occasions, usually I just do it because it requires less thinking to throw on a one-piece and walk out the door than to try to figure out which shade of jeans goes with which color/design of shirt.  That’s all it is!

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