Winter storm Pax

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Here comes the snow! What a crazy snow event we’re expecting here in Northern Virginia. A few days ago when I first heard of it, I figured it’d be another small thing that would pass. But then they started predicting 4 inches, then it grew to 8 and 12 and now possibly 15-18 for higher elevations! I started to take it seriously and today I decided to head out of the office at 6 just to get home before the insanity. The snow wasn’t slated to start until around 8, but by 6:15 I was seeing my first flakes. Check out some pictures from the night…

snow plows idling under overpass waiting for snow

The snow plows were out, hanging out as they waited for the snow to start.

beginning of snow storm with flakes falling on road

Then it started to pick up momentum.

small drops of melted snow on windshield

It was melting on my windshield, but quickly started to stick to the ground.

light dusting of snow on driveway and sidewalk with footprints

By the time I got home 15 minutes later, there was a light dusting. I made some tire marks and left some footprints that were quickly covered.

glittery layer of snow dusting on roof of car

Such pretty snow that is shiny and sparkly! Snuggling in for the night and there’s already quite a bit of snow building up out there.

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